What do you get?

  • Self-paced learning

    Learn from streamable videos whenever it is convenient for you, stop and replay as needed.

  • Downloadable videos

    Download video files to your computer for offline viewing and forever personal use.

  • Interactive Coaching

    Get your questions answered and advice from Tanel during the learning weeks over 12 months.

Learning Weeks

Monthly members-only interactive discussions scheduled over a 12-month period from signing up for a course.

  • Attend live webinars for group coaching, demos and Q&A

  • Get answers to your questions in the training forum

  • Hang out with Tanel and like-minded attendees in the training chat


Tanel Poder

I am a consultant, speaker, trainer and a long-time computer performance geek. I have helped enterprise customers in 25+ countries on 5 continents.

I am one of the first Oracle Certified Masters in the world (2002), served as an Oracle ACE Director for years and have received speaking and writing awards. I am also a co-author of the Expert Oracle Exadata book and have 2 patents in the data virtualization space.

My training style is unique, systematic and always very hands-on, with the ability to decompose problems spanning multiple technology layers into smaller pieces and "attack" them individually.

Read more about Tanel at tanelpoder.com.

Business Value

Tanel's courses are different, you will not just throw configuration changes at the wall and see what sticks. Instead you will learn how to systematically diagnose and remove resource hogs and contention points, using detailed measurements. If you need justification for the bosses, these are the typical wins you get in return for your investment:

  • Reduce resource consumption of your apps and databases. Increase performance, lower cost of licensing, cloud, hardware

  • Troubleshoot and fix critical problems quickly and for good, confidently approach even complex problems spanning layers of the stack

  • Reduce risk, increase reliability and scalability of your systems for the future growth

Learning Week Schedule

Year 2024

Join live Zoom Q&A meetings, where attendees can talk, chat, see Tanel's latest demos & tools and discuss whatever topics come up!
Learning week schedule for 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For how long shall I have access to the course material?

    12 months for web access, forever for files you download to your storage.

    You shall have access to the members-only web-based learning environment, video updates, Q&A followup webinars, GitHub discussion forum and Slack chat for 12 months from signing up for a training course.

    During this 12 month period you can also download the slides, scripts and video files to your local machine and keep them around forever for your personal use.

  • What the heck is a learning week?

    The learning week is a new concept used in Tanel’s new training courses. In addition to the self-paced learning from training videos, the attendees can get their follow-up questions answered for a whole year from signing up for a course.

    Tanel focuses exclusively on training-related work during these weeks and answers any follow-up questions in the training forum (GitHub). For “lighter” questions and interaction, he will also hang out in the training course’s Slack channel where attendees can chat with Tanel and other like-minded attendees.

    Additionally, Tanel will schedule two 1.5 hour live, interactive Zoom meetings for each training course (separately) during every learning week. One for US Morning/EMEA and the other for US Evening/APAC timezones. He will be demoing latest findings and answering questions via audio/video too.

    You can use any of the learning week dates to justify blocking some days in your work calendar for learning purposes and for the training department, if they require “training start and end dates” for approving the training investment.
  • How long are the interactive Q&A webinars?

    The interactive Q&A webinars are 1.5 hours each.

    We'll have a hard stop once the planned amount of time passes, to not mess with people's calendars. Any questions that are still open (or arise from) a Q&A webinar, Tanel answers in the forum or chat during that learning week.

  • What are the response SLAs?

    There are no SLAs as this is a training product and not consulting or technical support. There are no guarantees, urgent escalations, 1-1 phone calls or consulting work included in this training product.

    Tanel starts answering open questions in the mornings of the learning week days and checks replies every now and then until the evenings. Tanel will not do your work for you, but he will advise how you can solve your problems related to the training topic, using the methods and tools taught in the class.

  • Do I get access to all training forums when joining one course?

    You have to join a specific training course to get access to that course's follow-up coaching sessions and learning community chat and forums.

  • Which timezone are the classes optimized for?

    All timezones globally! You can do your self-paced learning whenever it is convenient for you.

    During learning weeks, you can ask questions at any time. If Tanel is sleeping then, he will just continue the discussion next morning (once he's had his coffee). Also, Tanel will hang out in the chat & discussion forum in his evenings too for more interactive "lower latency" discussion with people in APAC timezones.

    Half of the 12 live follow-up Q&A webinars scheduled over a year take place in the US morning (Europe afternoon) and the rest will be done in US evening (APAC morning). You will get video recordings of all live follow-up sessions too.